Treatment of chronic sacroiliac joint pain using Conventional Radiofrequency (CRF) and Pulsed Radiofrequency (PRF): A randomized control study.


  • Tayyaba Wasim Hameed Latif Hospital, Lahore.
  • Syed Mehmood Ali Shaikh Zayed Hospital, Lahore
  • Zahra Asad Mayo Hospital, Lahore.
  • Anum Zeb Lahore General Hospital, Lahore.
  • Muhammad Oun Punjab institute of Neurosciences, Lahore,
  • Zulqarnain Butt Hameed Latif Hospital, Lahore.



Chronic Sacroiliac Joint, Oswestry Disability Index, Pulsed Radiofrequency, Sacroiliac Joint Pain, Visual Analogue Scale


Objective: To determine the effectiveness of conventional radiofrequency (CRF) and pulsed radiofrequency (PRF) in treatment of chronic sacroiliac joint pain. Study Design: Randomized Controlled Trial. Setting: Shaikh Zayed Hospital, Lahore. Period: 2nd August 2022 to 10th February 2023. Methods: A total sample of 60 patients with SIJ pain was screened for this study. This sample was divided equally but randomly into both study groups; conventional radiofrequency (CRF) and pulsed radiofrequency (PRF). Pre-procedure general information on Visual analogue score (VAS) and revised Oswestry Disability Index (ODI) were used to measure the main outcome variables; pain score and physical disability index. Post-procedure information on these two outcome variables was also recorded after 1, 3 and 6 months duration. Paired samples t-test and independent samples t-test was used to assess the effectiveness of these two treatment methods for SIJ pain treatment. Results: The mean pain score in the conventional radiofrequency (CRF) group was reduced to 3.02 ± 0.9 from 8.02 ± 1.13 which is more substantial and statistically significant than pulsed radiofrequency where it was 4.2± 1.31 from 7.98 ± 1.20. Similarly, the conventional radiofrequency (CRF) group showed better performance on average scores of the ODI index (20.2± 6.9) as compared to pulsed radiofrequency (31.2± 8.9) in reducing physical disability in SIJ patients. Conclusion: This study concludes that the existing conventional radiofrequency (CRF) method of treatment can be effectively used in treatment of SIJ with its slight complications.

Author Biographies

Tayyaba Wasim, Hameed Latif Hospital, Lahore.

MBBS, FCPS (Anesthesia), FCPS (Pain Medicine), Resident, Shaikh Zayed Hospital Lahore, Senior Registrar Anesthesia, 

Syed Mehmood Ali, Shaikh Zayed Hospital, Lahore

MBBS, FCPS (Anesthesia), MSc (Pain Medicine), FIPP, Associate Professor Anesthesia, 

Zahra Asad, Mayo Hospital, Lahore.

MBBS, FCPS (Anesthesia), Senior Registrar Anesthesia 

Anum Zeb, Lahore General Hospital, Lahore.

MBBS, FCPS (Anesthesia), Senior Registrar Anesthesia, 

Muhammad Oun, Punjab institute of Neurosciences, Lahore,

MBBS, FCPS (Anesthesia), Medical Officer Anesthesia, 

Zulqarnain Butt, Hameed Latif Hospital, Lahore.

MBBS, MCPS (Anesthesia), FCPS (Anesthesia), Associate Professor Anesthesia,