A prospective study of outcome of CT-Scan-Guided stereotactic biopsy for brain pathology.


  • Aurangzeb Kalhoro Neuro Spinal & Cancer Care Institute, Karachi.
  • Kashif Ahmed Neuro Spinal & Cancer Care Institute, Karachi.
  • Pervaiz Ali Neurospinal Cancer Care Institute
  • Abdul Sattar M. Hashim Neuro Spinal & Cancer Care Institute




Brain Lesions, CRW Frame, Omayya Reservoir, Stereotactic Biopsy


Objective: To assess the effectiveness of stereotactic biopsy in individuals with brain lesions and describe the surgical procedure utilized during this to analyze the features of pathologies linked to the application of this surgical approach. Study Design: Descriptive study. Setting: Neurospinal Cancer Care Institute in Karachi. Period: January 2019 and June 2022. Methods: This study had approval from the ethics committee and patients provided written informed permission Under general anaesthesia the biopsy was performed. The definitive diagnosis based on histopathological report were considered positive. Results: We had of 61 patients, gender wise males were 37 (55.73%) and females were 24(39.34%), with calculated mean age was 41.01years (range between 15–67 years). Majority of patients were between the age of 33 and 66 years (67.21%). Pre and post procedure, patients had to go brain MRI brain or CT scan brain for helping in localization. The lesion was supratentorial as observed in 56 patients (91.80%) and 5(8.19%) were infratentorial. The post contrast enhancements were observed in 35 patients (57.37%). Conclusion: The study presented compelling evidence supporting the ease and accuracy of the stereotactic procedure in targeting the lesion, Stereotactic intervention for lesions has been shown to be both effective and safe.

Author Biographies

Aurangzeb Kalhoro, Neuro Spinal & Cancer Care Institute, Karachi.

FCPS, FACS, MBA, FICS, CHPE, Consultant Neurosurgeon, 

Kashif Ahmed, Neuro Spinal & Cancer Care Institute, Karachi.

MBBS, FCPS (Neurosurgery), Consultant Neurosurgeon, 

Pervaiz Ali, Neurospinal Cancer Care Institute

MBBS, FCPS (Anesthesia), Consultant Anesthesiologist, 

Abdul Sattar M. Hashim, Neuro Spinal & Cancer Care Institute

Ph.D, M.D (Neuro Surgery), Ex Prof JPMC, Medical Director,