Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) therapy in acne vulgaris management: Assessing efficacy and safety.


  • Aqsa Naheed HITEC-IMS (Heavy Industry Taxila Education City Institute of Medical Sciences), Taxila.
  • Tehseen Naveed CMH, Peshawer.
  • Marwa Samee HITEC-IMS, Taxila.
  • Muhammad Moeez Badar HITEC-IMS, Taxila.
  • Quratulain Ejaz CMH, Peshawar.
  • Moazama Afzal HITEC-IMS, Taxila.



Acne Vulgaris, GAGS Score, IPL


Objective: To evaluate efficacy and safety of IPL in the treatment of Acne vulgaris. Study Design: Quasi-experimental study. Setting: CMH, Peshawar. Period: 15th January 23 to 15th May 23. Material & Methods: 35 participants having acne vulgaris with age range from 18-35 years were selected. Participants who had used any form of topical, oral, or alternative treatments for acne, including retinoids, within the six months preceding the commencement of the study, history of systemic steroid intake, photosensitivity and herpes simplex, were excluded. Global Acne Grading System (GAGS) score was used to ascertain the severity of acne vulgaris. Four sessions of weekly Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) sessions, utilizing filters of 420nm, 510nm and 560nm for participants having skin type III, IV and V respectively were employed. GAGS score was calculated one week after the last session. Side effects were recorded, degree of improvement and patient reported outcome was noted using a four-point scale limited =<25%, marked =25%-50%, promising 50-75% and profound =>75%. Results: Mean age of participants was 21.63 ± 4.63 years, with a mean duration of acne was 4.26 ± 2.20 years. The mean baseline GAGS score I decreased from 22.00±5.26 to 11.58±4.80, as observed one week following the last IPL session. The calculated p-value was statistically significant (<0.000). 54% of patients encountered no adverse reactions. Conclusion: Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) emerges as a secure and efficacious treatment choice, particularly in the initial stages, to enhance the response to therapy.

Author Biographies

Aqsa Naheed, HITEC-IMS (Heavy Industry Taxila Education City Institute of Medical Sciences), Taxila.

MBBS, FCPS, CHPE, Professor Dermatology, 

Tehseen Naveed, CMH, Peshawer.

MBBS, FCPS, Assistant Professor Dermatology, 

Marwa Samee, HITEC-IMS, Taxila.

MBBS, House Officer Medicine, 

Muhammad Moeez Badar, HITEC-IMS, Taxila.

MBBS, House Officer Medicine, 

Quratulain Ejaz, CMH, Peshawar.

MBBS, FCPS, Consultant Dermatologist, 

Moazama Afzal, HITEC-IMS, Taxila.

MBBS, House Officer Medicine,