Comparative study of morbidity of open cholecystectomy vs laparoscopic cholecystectomy in complicated gall stone disease.


  • Usama Shabbir THQ Hospital, Hasilpur.
  • Jamal Anwar Mayo Hospital, Lahore.
  • Shahbaz Hussain PKLI.
  • Mubashar Abrar Nusrat Faeteh Ali Khan Hospital, Faisalabad.
  • Ayesha Akram CMH Kharian Medical College, Kharian.
  • Muhammad Ahsan Nusrat Faeteh Ali Khan Hospital, Faisalabad.
  • Ameer Afzal Mayo Hospital, Lahore.



Cholecystectomy, Complicated Gallstone, Hospital Stay, Infection, Laparoscopy, Post-operative Pain


Objective: To evaluate the resist of minimally invasive surgery i.e. laparoscopic cholecystectomy versus open cholecystectomy in cases with complex gallstone diseases. Study Design: Prospective study. Setting: North Surgical Ward, Mayo Hospital Lahore. Period: 11th July 2020 till 10th January 2021. Material & Methods: A total of 372 patient’s fulfilling the criterion was included for study in group-A Laparoscopic cholecystectomy was done. In group B open cholecystectomy was done which includes 86 patients. The entire patient received injection Ketorolac 30 mg i.e. 8 hourly and postoperative injection NeIbufin 6 mg i.v.12hourIy as standard in all patients and Post-operative pain was assessed Visual analogy scale after 24 hours. Results: The mean age of patients in open group was 41.28 ± 13.75 years and in Laparoscopic group was 43.46 ± 13.90 years. In Open group there were 80(43%) male and 106(57%) female cases while in Laparoscopic group there were 65(34.9%) male and 121(65.1%) female cases. The mean hospital stay was statistically shorter in Laparoscopic group (3.80 ± 1.37 days) as compared to Open group (5.12 ± 1.58 days), p-value <0.001. In open group 77(41.4%) cases had post-operative pain and in Laparoscopic group 27(14.5%) cases had post-operative pain. The post-operative pain was statistically higher in open groups, p-value < 0.001. Conclusion: Laparoscopic is an ideal treatment option in terms of less pain and shorter duration of hospital stay as compared to open cholecystectomy for patients with complicated gallstone disease.

Author Biographies

Usama Shabbir, THQ Hospital, Hasilpur.

MBBS, FCPS, District Consultant Surgery, 

Jamal Anwar, Mayo Hospital, Lahore.

MBBS, FCPS, Senior Registrar Surgery, 

Shahbaz Hussain, PKLI.

MBBS, FCPS, Consultant Anesthesia, 

Mubashar Abrar, Nusrat Faeteh Ali Khan Hospital, Faisalabad.

MBBS, Registrar Surgery, 

Ayesha Akram, CMH Kharian Medical College, Kharian.

MBBS, Medical Officer Surgery, 

Muhammad Ahsan, Nusrat Faeteh Ali Khan Hospital, Faisalabad.

MBBS, PGPN, Medical Officer Pediatrics, 

Ameer Afzal, Mayo Hospital, Lahore.

MBBS, FCPS, Professor Surgery,