Correlation of fasting serum cholesterol level with severity of chronic liver disease.


  • Muhammad Iftikhar Yousaf (SMDC), Lahore.
  • Usama Faizan (SMDC), Lahore.
  • Humaira Mubeen Afzal Avicenna Medical and Hospital
  • Muhammad Asif Jinnah Hospital, Lahore.
  • Muhammad Ali Sabir (SMDC), Lahore.
  • Muhammad Haroon Yousaf (SMDC), Lahore.



Chronic Liver Disease, Child Pugh Score, Total Cholesterol


Objective: To evaluate correlation of fasting serum cholesterol level with severity of chronic liver disease (CLD). Study Design: Cross-sectional Survey. Setting: North Medical Ward, Mayo Hospital Lahore. Period: June 2020 to December 2020. Material & Methods: Patients having chronic liver disease with age 25-85 years and of either gender, were included. After 12 hours of fasting, 5ml of blood was drawn from patients under all aseptic precautions into sterile disposable syringes and blood samples were sent to laboratory for measurement of total cholesterol. Total cholesterol (TC) in mg/dl was noted from their reports. CLD severity patients was defined by using Modified Child Pugh classifications. Data was entered in SPSS version 20 and analyzed by same software. Results: Total 100 cases diagnosed with chronic liver disease (CLD) were studied, with an average age of 53.8±10.76 years. The majority of participants, constituting 72%, were male. Overall average TC was 119.85±31.51mg/dl. Out of all 27% patients belonged to CPT class A, 28% had CPT class B and 45% had CPT class C. Spearman correlation between Child Pugh score and total cholesterol level was calculated. A negative spearman correlation was found as r= -.672. It was significant at the level of 0.01. Conclusion: As per the study conclusion, total serum cholesterol level was observed to be the significantly corelated with degree of liver damage. The significance of this correlation highlights the potential clinical utility of serum total cholesterol as a prognostic tool for evaluating the degree of liver damage.

Author Biographies

Muhammad Iftikhar Yousaf, (SMDC), Lahore.

MBBS, FCPS, Assistant Professor Gastroenterology, 

Usama Faizan, (SMDC), Lahore.

MBBS, FCPS, Senior Registrar Gastroenterology, 

Humaira Mubeen Afzal, Avicenna Medical and Hospital

MBBS, FCPS, Senior Registrar Medicine, 

Muhammad Asif, Jinnah Hospital, Lahore.

MBBS, FCPS, Senior Registrar Medicine, 

Muhammad Ali Sabir, (SMDC), Lahore.

MBBS, FCPS, Senior Registrar Medicine, 

Muhammad Haroon Yousaf, (SMDC), Lahore.

MBBS, FCPS, Professor Medicine,