Serum uric acid level in patients with diabetes and prediabetes Experience at a tertiary care hospital.


  • Ume Farwa Sheikh Zayed Medical College, Rahimyar Khan.
  • Syeda Sabahat Haider Sheikh Zayed Medical College Rahimyar Khan.
  • Mehvish Sana Victoria Hospital, Bahawalpur.



Diabetes, Hyperuricemia, Prediabetes, Serum Uric Acid


Objective: To determine the serum uric acid levels in diabetic, pre-diabetic and euglycemic study subjects. Study Design: Cross Sectional. Setting: Department of Pathology Sheikh Zayed Medical College /Hospital Rahim Yar Khan. Period: 1st December 2022 to 31st May 2023. Material & Methods: 144 patients of both genders with age 20 -70 year were included. Data was collected from the patients who came to lab for their HbA1C test. The blood samples for HbA1C and serum uric acid was collected in EDTA and gel tube respectively. HbA1C and serum uric acid was performed on Atellica CH930 fully automated chemistry analyzer based on photometry. The patients were grouped based on HbA1C as euglycemic group (Hba1C 4%-5.6%), pre-diabetic group (HbA1C 5.7%-6.4%) and diabetics group (HbA1C >6.5%) as per American Diabetes Association (ADA) criteria. Data was entered and analyzed using SPSS 22 version. ANOVA was applied to access the significance of difference of serum uric acid between euglycemic, prediabetic and diabetic groups. P-value <0.05 was taken as statistically significant. Results: The mean serum uric acid level in euglycemics, prediabetics and diabetics was 5.59±1.16, 6.07±1.04 and 5.01±1.61 respectively and the difference of serum uric acid between these 3 groups was statistically significant with p value 0.001. Conclusion: Serum uric acid was higher in prediabetics as compared to diabetics and euglycemics. Serum uric acid level should be done in prediabetic patients for prompt diagnosis of hyperuricemia and to avoid its related complications.

Author Biographies

Ume Farwa, Sheikh Zayed Medical College, Rahimyar Khan.

MBBS, MCPS (Clinical Pathology), SWMO Pathology, 

Syeda Sabahat Haider, Sheikh Zayed Medical College Rahimyar Khan.

MBBS, FCPS (Chemical Pathology, Associate Professor Pathology, 

Mehvish Sana, Victoria Hospital, Bahawalpur.

MBBS, FCPS (Chemical Pathology), Assistant Professor Pathology,