Fistulotomy versus fistulotomy with marsupialization, a randomized controlled trial.


  • Sajid Ali DHQ Hospital, Mardan.
  • Saman Hafeez DHQ Hospital, Mardan.
  • Faheem Khan DHQ Hospital, Mardan.
  • Mian Tauseef DHQ Hospital, Mardan.
  • Muhammad Usman Jinnah Medical College, Peshawar.



Fistulotomy, Fistula-in- ano, Marsupialization


Objective: To compare the efficacy of fistulotomy and fistulotomy with marsupialization in the management of simple anal fistula. Study Design: Randomized Controlled study. Setting: Department of Surgery, District Head Quarter Hospital, Mardan, Pakistan. Period: 1st September 2021 to 31st August 2022. Material & Methods: A total of 60 Patients coming to hospital with simple anal fistula were randomized into two equal groups. In group A, 30 patients were treated with fistulotomy, while in group B, 30 patients were treated with fistulotomy with marsupialization. The primary outcome was set as time required for complete wound healing. Secondary outcomes were operation time, postoperative pain, anal incontinence, incidence of recurrence and patient satisfaction. Results: The mean wound healing time after 6 weeks was shorter in group B in comparison to group A (4.7± 0.74 versus 6.4± 0.85 weeks; p=0.0001). There was no significant difference in mean operation time between Group B and Group A. The difference in mean pain score was also not statistically significant. There was no significant difference in the incidence of anal incontinence, incidence of recurrence and patient’s satisfaction among two groups. Conclusion: Fistulotomy with marsupialization is more effective procedure than fistulectomy alone in shape of early wound healing without increase in operation time and therefore can be taken as surgical procedure of choice for the simple anal fistula.

Author Biographies

Sajid Ali, DHQ Hospital, Mardan.

FCPS (Gen Surgery), Consultant General Surgery, 

Saman Hafeez, DHQ Hospital, Mardan.

FCPS, Medical Officer Surgery 

Faheem Khan, DHQ Hospital, Mardan.

FCPS, Consultant Surgeon, 

Mian Tauseef, DHQ Hospital, Mardan.

FCPS (Gen Surgery), Chief District Surgeon, 

Muhammad Usman, Jinnah Medical College, Peshawar.

Final Year MBBS Student,