Comparison of effects of administering warmed vs normal temperature intravenous fluids on body core temperature in surgical individuals.


  • Viqar Aslam MTI LRH.
  • Muhammad Bilal DHQ Charsadda.
  • Muhammad Ayaz MTI LRH.
  • Shabir Hasan MTI LRH.
  • Alina Zaidi MTI LRH.
  • Lubna Gul MTI LRH.



Core Body Temperature, Fluid Administration, Intravenous Fluids, Post Operative Care, Surgical Patients


Objective: This study was designed to evaluate the impact of different temperatures of intravenous fluids on the body. Study Design: Randomized Experiment. Setting: LRH Peshawar. Period: April 2022 to January 2023. Material & Methods: 600 individuals were scheduled for abdominal surgery to include them in the study. Two groups were made using sealed, opaque envelopes carrying randomly generated computer numbers. The patient's body temperature, O2 saturation,, heart rate, shivering, blood pressure and fluid intake were all monitored and recorded on two point i)when he was admitted to the PAR and ii) one and a half hour later. The classification developed by Crossley and Mahajan was used to determine the level of shivering. With SPSS 23, the t test and Mann-Whitney U test were used to evaluate data. Results: The mean age of the intervention group was 38.30 years, compared to 37.64 years for the control group. After 30 minutes, the average temperature difference among the two groups on admission to PAR was statistically significant. No discernible difference existed between the levels of pain of two groups. Time to return to work was reported to differ significantly. For factors like SpO2, systolic and diastolic blood pressure, and respiratory rate, no discernible difference was discovered. Conclusion: After administering warm fluids intravenously, there is a fall in the intervention group's shivering.

Author Biographies

Viqar Aslam, MTI LRH.

MBBS, MCPS, FCPS (Surgery), FCPS (Thoracic Surgery), Associate Professor Surgery, 

Muhammad Bilal, DHQ Charsadda.

MBBS, FCPS (Surgery), Senior District Specialist, 

Muhammad Ayaz, MTI LRH.

MBBS, PG Surgical Trainee, 

Shabir Hasan, MTI LRH.

MBBS, PG Surgical Trainee, 

Alina Zaidi, MTI LRH.

MBBS, PG Surgical Trainee, 

Lubna Gul, MTI LRH.

MBBS, PG Surgical Trainee,