Cancer and immigrants: Same care, different approach.


  • Munazza Saleem Robertson College, Calgary, Canada.
  • Zuhera Khan Indus Medical College, Tando Muhammad Khan.



Cancer, Immigrants, Supportive Approaches, Spouses


Objective: The purpose of the present literature review is to examine the psychosocial issues that emerge in the patients and their spouses upon cancer diagnosis and during its treatment. Furthermore, to search the immigrant specific supportive approaches when providing cancer care. Study Design: Systematic Literature Review. Period: 2008 to 2020. Material & Methods: Thirty-three articles, which met the pre-set criteria, were analyzed, and employed as a reference in this paper. Results: The analysis of the literature reported that depression, anxiety and low quality of life are prevalent among cancer patients and their spouses. The well-established evidence strengthened that culturally competent care, social, as well as linguistic support, are the immigrant tailored strategies that can help satisfy the need of this vulnerable population. Conclusion: The key research findings presented in the paper concludes that immigrants experiencing cancer and their spouses are more prone to acquire psychosocial issues due to their unprecedented circumstances that demand specific immigrants’ tailored approaches.

Author Biographies

Munazza Saleem, Robertson College, Calgary, Canada.

MBBS MHST, Healthcare Instructor, 

Zuhera Khan, Indus Medical College, Tando Muhammad Khan.

FCPS (Plastic), Assistant Professor Plastic Surgery,