Study of anthropometric parameters of adult human femora.


  • Arsalan Manzoor Rawalpindi Medical University, Rawalpindi.
  • Sarwar Zia Rawalpindi Medical University, Rawalpindi.
  • Aiema Hamid Rawalpindi Medical University, Rawalpindi.
  • Gulzeryam Muneer Rawalpindi Medical University, Rawalpindi.
  • Hamna Sarwar Holy Family Hospital, Rawalpindi.



Anatomy, Bone Density, Femur, Hip Joint, Multiple Trauma, Orthopedics, Population


Objective: To study the variations in anthropometric parameters of the adult human femora including total length, shaft length, the angle anteversion and neck shaft angle in femur of Pakistani origin. Study Design: Descriptive Correlational. Setting: Department of Anatomy, Rawalpindi Medical University. Period: April, 2022 to June, 2022. Material & Methods: Eighty femora of undetermined gender and age were selected from the bone bank of Anatomy Department, Rawalpindi Medical University (RMU). Measuring tape was used to measure length and goniometer was used to measure angles. Results: Thirty five bones were of right side and 45 of the left. The total femur length was 43.75±3.01 cm and the femur shaft length were 30.21±2.54 cm. There was no significant difference between the two sides. The mean neck shaft angle was 128.79±5.05 degrees with no difference between the sides. The mean angle of anteversion was 16.43±5.14 degrees with a significantly greater angle on the right compared to the left side (p=0.028). Conclusion: In Pakistani Femur there is no significant difference in the total, shaft lengths and neck shaft angles on the right and left sides. This bilateral symmetry shows synchronization which is important for posture and movement. However, the Angle of Femoral Neck Anteversion is significantly greater on the right as compared to the left. Also, this angle is less than reported in African and more than reported in American and European population.

Author Biographies

Arsalan Manzoor, Rawalpindi Medical University, Rawalpindi.

MBBS, M.Phil (Anatomy), MCPS-HPE, Assistant Professor Anatomy, 

Sarwar Zia, Rawalpindi Medical University, Rawalpindi.

MBBS, M.Phil (Anatomy), Associate Professor Anatomy, 

Aiema Hamid, Rawalpindi Medical University, Rawalpindi.

2nd Year MBBS Student, 

Gulzeryam Muneer, Rawalpindi Medical University, Rawalpindi.

2nd Year MBBS Student, 

Hamna Sarwar, Holy Family Hospital, Rawalpindi.

MBBS, House Officer,