Nose dorsum augmentation with diced cartilage graft versus Block cartilage graft in mild saddle nose.


  • Hassan Tahir LNH.
  • Muhammad Adil Iqbal LNH.
  • Shehab Afzal Beg LNH.
  • Osama Ahmed Qureshi LNH.
  • Touqeer Hussain LNH.
  • Remsha Sattar LNH.



Block Cartilage, Diced Cartilage, Rhinoplasty, Saddle Nose


Objective: To compare the aesthetic results of diced cartilage and block cartilage when they both use for nose dorsum augmentation in mild saddle nose deformity. Study Design: Retrospective Comparative study. Setting: Department of Plastic Surgery, Liaquat National Hospital, Karachi. Period: January 2017 to December 2019. Material & Methods: Two groups selected for this procedure diced graft (n=11) and segment cartilage graft (n=13), total 24 patient. Retrospective data of these patient were analyze, aesthetic outcome recorded as fair, good and excellent on remark of two plastic surgeon (blinded to graft placed) not involve in surgery by pre and postoperative picture at last follow up  and patient satisfaction via S-VAS recorded. Average follow up was 6 month. Results: Aesthetic outcome of dice cartilage graft versus block cartilage graft are excellent in 81.8% versus 76.9 %, good 9% versus 7.6%, fair 9% versus 15% respectively. Patient satisfaction grade extremely satisfied 72.7% versus 69.2%, satisfied 27.2% versus 30.7%, no patient was unsatisfied. Conclusion: Our clinical experience support that the free diced cartilage graft technique presents an effective and easily reproducible method for nose dorsum augmentation in aesthetic and reconstructive rhinoplasty for mild saddle deformity.

Author Biographies

Hassan Tahir, LNH.

MBBS, Resident Plastic Surgery, 

Muhammad Adil Iqbal, LNH.

MBBS, Resident Plastic Surgery, 

Shehab Afzal Beg, LNH.

MBBS, FRCS, Consultant Plastic Surgery, 

Osama Ahmed Qureshi, LNH.

MBBS, Resident Plastic Surgery, 

Touqeer Hussain, LNH.

MBBS, Resident Plastic Surgery, 

Remsha Sattar, LNH.

MBBS, Resident Plastic Surgery,