Comparison between ultrasound guided and palpatory method for radial artery Catheterization.


  • Sumayya Tariq Sharif Medical City,
  • Muhammad Omar Afzal Jinnah Center, Lahore.



Palpatory Method, Radial Artery Catheterization, Ultrasound Guided


Objective: To compare ultrasound guided and palpatory method of radial artery Catheterization in terms of number of attempts, total time required, frequency of catheterization in first attempt and haematoma formation after the procedure. Study Design: Randomized Control Trial. Setting: Intensive Care Units of Jinnah Burn and Reconstructive Surgery Center Lahore and Sharif Medical City Hospital. Period: June to December 2021. Material & Methods: 126 patients were included using nonprobability purposive sampling and divided into group A: ultrasound, B: palpatory group. Number of attempts, total time, successful1st attempt and presence of haematoma was recorded and analyzed to compare outcome. Results: In 85.7% patients of group A, catheterization was done in first attempt while 74.6% in group B. In group A, the mean number of attempts was 1.14 ± 0.35 and 1.29 ± 0.52 in group B (p=0.08). Haematoma rate was 12.7% in group A while 22.2% in B. Mean total time was 71.0 ± 26.4 minutes in group A and 95.5 ± 62.3 in group B. Conclusion: Ultrasound guided radial artery catheterization is better than the palpatory method, particularly in middle aged patients.

Author Biographies

Sumayya Tariq, Sharif Medical City,

MBBS, FCPS (Anesthesiology), Senior Registrar, 

Muhammad Omar Afzal, Jinnah Center, Lahore.

MBBS, FCPS (Plastic Surgery), Senior Registrar,