Correlation assessment between inter-commissural width and maxillary inter-canine teeth in south-west population of Sindh Pakistan.


  • Champa Kumari LUMHS Jamshoro Hyderabad.
  • Anny Memon LUMHS Jamshoro Hyderabad.
  • Muhammad Muslim Khahro LUMHS, Jamshoro.
  • Muzaffar Qayum Khan Ghauri Bhitai Dental & Medical College, Mirpurkhas.
  • Asia Wali Bhitai Dental and Medical College, Mirpurkhas.
  • Vishal Dherwani Isra Dental College, Hyderabad.



Inter-commissural Width, Maxillary Inter-canine Width, Maxillary Impression


Objectives: To find out the correlation between inter commissural width and maxillary inter canine width. Study Design: Cross-sectional Research. Setting: Department of Prosthodontics Dental OPD LUHMS Jamshoro. Period: June to December 2021. Material & Methods: A total of 100 patients with maxillary impressions of patient were taken in metal perforated stock trays with irreversible Hydrocolloid impored immediately with dental stone type IV for making the study cast. Questionnaire mode of research instrument was used for the data acquisition during patient treatment.  In parallel with maxillary anterior teeth selection and inter-commissural width determination by using Vernier calliper, the inter-canine distance was also assessed. Results: About 100 patients were assessed maxillary anterior teeth selection, and inter-commissural width. The mean age of the study participants was recorded as 21.52±2.83 years. Whereas 63% patients were male. The overall statistical calculations showed a significant positive correlation (r=0.73; p=0.0005) between and the inter-commissural width and maxillary inter-canine teeth. Conclusion: Based on the findings, the study concludes that there is a significant correlation between inter-commissural width and maxillary inter-canine teeth among the south-west population in Sindh.

Author Biographies

Champa Kumari, LUMHS Jamshoro Hyderabad.

BDS, FCPS Trainee (Prosthodontics), 

Anny Memon, LUMHS Jamshoro Hyderabad.

BDS, Lecturer Science of Dental Materials, 

Muhammad Muslim Khahro, LUMHS, Jamshoro.

BDS, MSc (Dental Material), Associate Professor and Chairman Science of Dental Materials, 

Muzaffar Qayum Khan Ghauri, Bhitai Dental & Medical College, Mirpurkhas.

BDS, MCPS (Orthodontics), MPH, Assistant Professor Orthodontics, 

Asia Wali, Bhitai Dental and Medical College, Mirpurkhas.

BDS, MSc (Prosthodontics), Lecturer Prosthodontics, 

Vishal Dherwani, Isra Dental College, Hyderabad.

BDS, FCPS (Orthodontics), Lecturer Orthodontics,