Case fatality rate in patients of COVID-19 with anemia.


  • Samra Shahid Army Medical College
  • Afshan Noor Federal Medical College Islamabad.
  • Amna Khalid Abbotabad Medical College.
  • Ayesha Ellahi
  • Saleem Ahmed Khan National University of Medical Sciences.
  • Afnan Naeem Army Medical College.



Anemia, COVID-19, Ferritin, SARS-COV-2


Objective: To analyze SARS-CoV2 patients who presented to Military Hospital Rawalpindi having normal hemoglobin levels and those with low hemoglobin. Study Design: Cross Sectional study. Setting: Pathology Laboratory, Military Hospital Rawalpindi, Pakistan. Period: March 2020 to July 2020. Material & Methods: Patients of both genders and all age groups with positive PCR for Corona virus were included. Patients of both the genders and all age groups with negative PCR for corona virus. 2ml blood sample was taken in EDTA tubes from the patients in wards and Intensive care unit and Hemoglobin level was checked using the Sysmex KX21 analyzer. Results: 400 COVID positive patients were studied with Hemoglobin ranging from 7.0g/dl to 17g/dl. It was seen that patients with low Hemoglobin levels were increasingly shifted to ventilators as compared to those with normal Hemoglobin whereas, the Ferritin level was raised in patients who expired. Conclusion: Most patients who expired due to COVID-19 virus infection had low hemoglobin level and high Ferritin level.

Author Biographies

Samra Shahid, Army Medical College

FCPS, Assistant Professor Pathology, 

Afshan Noor, Federal Medical College Islamabad.

M.Phil, Lecturer, 

Amna Khalid, Abbotabad Medical College.

M.Phil, Assistant Professor Pathology, 

Ayesha Ellahi

M.Phil, Lecturer, Army Medical College.

Saleem Ahmed Khan, National University of Medical Sciences.

FCPS, Ph.D, Pro Vice Chancellor, 

Afnan Naeem, Army Medical College.

M.Phil, Lecturer,