Frequency of Alopecia Areata with other autoimmune disorders.


  • Sana us Salam Sahiwal Medical College, Sahiwal.
  • Zahid Rafiq Sahiwal Medical College, Sahiwal.
  • Nauman Aziz Sahiwal Medical College, Sahiwal.
  • Ahsan Anwar Sahiwal Medical College, Sahiwal.



Alopecia areata, autoimmune disorders, diabetes mellitus, atopic dermatitis


Objective: To assess the frequency of alopecia areata associated with other autoimmune disorder in a tertiary care hospital. Study Design: Prospective Cross Sectional study. Setting: Department of Dermatology GHAQ/DHQ Teaching Hospital/Sahiwal Medical College, Sahiwal. Period: January 2020 to December 2020. Material & Methods: A total of 24 patients fulfilling criteria were entered in the study. After taking informed consent, demographic data was recorded. History was taken and general physical and systemic examination was performed. Laboratory investigations were carried out where needed, for determination of factors associated with alopecia areata. Results: This study comprised of 24 patients with male n=12 (50%) and female n=12 (50%) in equal ratio 1:1. Mean age of patients of alopecia areata with SD was 19.75 ± 9.90 years. Most of the study patients were unmarried n=17 (70.8%). More than two third of patients had mild and moderate severity of disease n=18 (75%). Most common autoimmune disorder associated with alopecia areata was Diabetes Mellitus n=6 (20.9%) followed by atopic dermatitis n=3 (12.5%), anemia n=3 (12.5%) and thyroid disorders (hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism) n=2 (8.3%). The p value in various autoimmune diseases was found to be non-significant. (> 0.05). Conclusion: Patients presenting with alopecia areata may have associated other autoimmune disorders which needs to be investigated, thus helping in the management of disease.

Author Biographies

Sana us Salam, Sahiwal Medical College, Sahiwal.

MBBS, FCPS, Senior Registrar Dermatology, 

Zahid Rafiq, Sahiwal Medical College, Sahiwal.

MBBS, FCPS, Associate Professor Dermatology, 

Nauman Aziz, Sahiwal Medical College, Sahiwal.

MBBS, M.Phil, Assistant Professor Physiology, 

Ahsan Anwar, Sahiwal Medical College, Sahiwal.

MBBS, FCPS, Senior Registrar Dermatology,