Spectrum of neurological diseases in patients presenting to a tertiary care hospital of Peshawar.


  • Wajeeha Qayyum RMI, Peshawar.
  • Muhammad Shahid Iqbal RMI, Peshawar.
  • Sohail Khan RMI, Peshawar.
  • Muhammad Fozan Khan RMI, Peshawar.
  • Mohammad Jawad KMU, Peshawar.
  • Fawad Jan Gajju Khan Medical College, Swabi.




Disability, Epilepsy, Headache


Objective: The aim of our study was to note the spectrum of neurological diseases in Out Patient department of hospital. Study Design: Observational Cross Sectional study. Setting: Rehman Medical Institute, Peshawar. Period: Jan 2019 to June 2019. Material & Methods: All the patients presenting/referred to neurology OPD were included. There demographic characteristics, level of disability and diagnosis was noted on proforma. The diagnosis was made by neurologist and the neurological diseases were grouped according to International Classification of Disease in different categories. Data was entered and analyzed on SPSS 22. Results: Out of 455 patients, 54.7% (n=249) were female. Mean age was 42.92±17.69. 54.7% (n=249) belong to urban area. Psychiatric illness was the most common group of illness accounted for 29.5% (n=134) followed by nerve disorders 23.3 %( n=106) and Headaches 23.10 %( n=105), muscular disorders 14.70% (n=67), vascular diseases 13.40% (n=61) and epilepsy 5.9% (n=27).Vascular diseases were significantly more in males (P value < 0.05). Female predominance was observed in nerve and psychiatric disorders (P value < 0.05). Vascular diseases, movement disorders and dementia was observed in elder age group. (P-value < 0.05). Epilepsy effected pediatric, headache and psychiatric illness were seen in young age and nerve disorder were common in middle aged people mostly. (P value <0.05). Conclusion: Psychiatric disorder was the top most diagnosis followed by nerve disorder and headache. Most of the disorders were significantly more in specific age groups and few were gender specific.

Author Biographies

Wajeeha Qayyum, RMI, Peshawar.

FCPS (Medicine), Senior Registrar Medicine & Allied, 

Muhammad Shahid Iqbal, RMI, Peshawar.

FCPS Neurology, Assistant Professor Neurology, 

Sohail Khan, RMI, Peshawar.

FCPS (Neurology), Assistant Professor Neurology, 

Muhammad Fozan Khan, RMI, Peshawar.

FRCP (Edin), Assistant Professor Neurology, 

Mohammad Jawad, KMU, Peshawar.

MCPS (Family Medicine), MPH, Lecturer Family Medicine, 

Fawad Jan, Gajju Khan Medical College, Swabi.

FCPS (Neurology), Assistant Professor Neurology,