Community based medical education: A learning experience of Pakistani Undergraduate Medical Students at Medical Camps.


  • Zahid Kamal King Edward Medical University Lahore.
  • Muhammad Mohsin Ali PKLI&RC, Lahore
  • Manaqibb Zain Ali Parkview Medical Center, Colorado.
  • Muhammad Naeem Rustam RMDC, Lahore.
  • Saeed Zafar Khan Punjab University Health Centre, Lahore.



Community Education, Medical Education, Medical Camps, Ophthalmology


Objective: To determine impact of community based Medical Education on learning of undergraduate medical students. Study Design: Non-comparative, Prospective study. Setting: Irfania Ophthalmic Medical Camp, Lahore. Period: July 2019. Material & Methods: 70 students participated in a 4 hour interactive session, where they took a focused history, performed relevant clinical examination, and counseled patients regarding their disease. At the end, feedback was collected using a pre-tested questionnaire. Data obtained was analyzed using SPSS version 23, with mean ± SD determined for continuous variables and frequency with percentage for categorical variables. Results: Majority of the participants were female fourth year medical students. 97.1% found the camp system more efficient for learning, while 94.3% thought it should be included in future ophthalmic curricula. 81.5% of the participants were of the opinion that the camp had had a positive impact on their communication skills regarding taking focused history and counseling patients. Conclusion: In a country like Pakistan with a high burden of ophthalmic diseases and a developing medical curriculum, medical camps are essential for training and skill learning for undergraduate medical students, and should be included in the medical curriculum.

Author Biographies

Zahid Kamal, King Edward Medical University Lahore.

MBBS, FCPS, FRCS (Ophthalmology)

Professor Ophthalmology

Muhammad Mohsin Ali, PKLI&RC, Lahore

Medical Officer


Manaqibb Zain Ali, Parkview Medical Center, Colorado.


Postgraduate Trainee


Muhammad Naeem Rustam, RMDC, Lahore.

MBBS, FCPS (Ophthalmology)

Associate Professor Ophthalmology


Saeed Zafar Khan, Punjab University Health Centre, Lahore.

MBBS, FCPS (Ophthalmology)