Role of motivational interviewing in type 1 diabetes mellitus with sub optimal glycemic control.


  • Erum Afzal CHICH Multan.
  • Waqas Imran Khan CHICH Multan.
  • Mohammad Khalid Iqbal CHICH Multan.
  • Sidra Anjum CHICH Multan.



Diabetes Mellitus, Glycemic Control, Motivational Interviewing


Objective: To determine the role of motivational interviewing in better management of diabetes mellitus in children. Study Design: Observational Cross Sectional Study. Setting: Children Hospital & Institute of Child Health Multan. Period: November 2019 to May 2020. Material & Methods: Fifty-six poorly controlled follow up diabetic children of 8 to 15 years of both sexes, with HBA1c more than 10 %were included. Their social status, educational status whether studying or not was noted. All patients were advised subcutaneous Insulin according to weight. All children were counselled and motivated for self-care, problem identification and solution, and proper diabetic management by a team consisting of an endocrinologist, a dietitian, a psychologist and a nurse. Glycemic control was assessed using HbA1c, at 1st visit, 3rd and 6th month. A decline in HbA1c by ≥1% was considered for good control of DM, while ≤1% decrease was taken as poor control of DM. Data was analyzed by using SPSS version 20. Result: Out of 56 patients. 50%(n=28) were females and ,50%(n=28) were males.42.9 % (n=24) patients were age ranges between 8 to 11.5 years while 57.1%(n=32) more than 11.5 to 15 years, with mean age of 11.8±1.97 years  28.6% diabetic children belonged to lower, 57.1% middle while 14.3% upper socioeconomic status. 69.4%children were going to school while 27.6% were not studying. Good glycemic control was observed in 85.7% diabetic children which is statistically significant (p-value <0.001). Conclusion: Motivational interview proved to be a good tool for the better outcome of diabetic children, who need both knowledge and practical communication for their management regarding behavioral changes, lifestyle issues and self-management. It must be a part of diabetic management programs.

Author Biographies

Erum Afzal, CHICH Multan.


Assistant Professor Developmental Pediatrics

Waqas Imran Khan, CHICH Multan.


Associate Professor Pediatric Endocrinology


Mohammad Khalid Iqbal, CHICH Multan.


Senior Registrar Developmental Pediatrics


Sidra Anjum, CHICH Multan.


Senior Registrar Pediatric Endocrinology