Demographic profile of fatal sharp force injuries: Autopsy study at Tertiary Care Hospital.


  • Summyia Sadia Sargodha Medical College, University of Sargodha.
  • Bashir Ahmad Siddiqui Independent Medical College, Faisalabad.
  • Kishwar Naheed Faisalabad Medical University, Faisalabad.
  • Altaf Pervez Qasim Abwa Medical College, Faisalabad.                
  • Farwa Naqvi Sargodha Medical College, University of Sargodha.
  • Fariha Tariq Sheikh Zayed Medical College, Rahim Yar Khan.



Injuries, Medicolegal Autopsies, Manner of Death, Prevalence, Sharp Force


Objectives: To study the various aspects of fatal sharp force injuries in relation to the age groups, gender, affected body parts, manner of death, residential background & seasonal variation among the victims of unnatural deaths brought for medicolegal autopsy in a tertiary care hospital. Study Design: Cross sectional study. Setting: Postmortem Unit of DHQ Teaching Hospital, Sargodha. Period: 1st January, 2017 to 31st December, 2017. Material & Methods: The record of total 103 medicolegal autopsies were studied for the role of age, gender, body parts affected by external injury, area of jurisdiction of medicolegal cases with special consideration to mode, manner and cause of death. Results: Amongst the 103 medicolegal deaths, 98(95.15%) were male and rest 5(4.85%) were females. Those medicolegal cases belonged to different age group i.e. 1-10 years of age involved 3(2.91%), 11-21 years 11(10.68%), 21-30 years 37(35.92 %), 31-40 years 23(22.33%), 41-50 years 12(11.65%), 51-60years 14(13.59%) whereas age group of more than 60 years involved 3(2.92%) cases. Most of the victims 62(63.86%) were of rural back ground. Parts of body affected by visible injury included head 27(26.21%), neck 4(3.88%), thorax 13(12.62%), abdomen 2(11.65%), limbs 1(0.97%) while in 46(44.66%) cases multiple injuries were observed over different parts of body. Majority 65(63.10%) cases were homicidal while 8(7.76%) were suicidal, 19(18.44%) were accidental, 8 (7.76%) died in custody of police and 2(1.94%) cases remained undetermined. Conclusion: The sharp force injuries were observed in majority of males belonging to the rural areas among the age group of 21-40 years. The most commonly affected body part was head involving 27(26.21%) cases. The prevalence of these deaths was more in the months of June, July (summer) and then November.

Author Biographies

Summyia Sadia, Sargodha Medical College, University of Sargodha.


Assistant Professor Forensic Medicine

Bashir Ahmad Siddiqui, Independent Medical College, Faisalabad.


Associate Professor Forensic Medicine

Kishwar Naheed, Faisalabad Medical University, Faisalabad.


Assistant Professor Forensic Medicine

Altaf Pervez Qasim, Abwa Medical College, Faisalabad.                


Professor / HOD Forensic Medicine

Farwa Naqvi, Sargodha Medical College, University of Sargodha.

MBBS; M.Phil

Assistant Professor Pharmacology

Fariha Tariq, Sheikh Zayed Medical College, Rahim Yar Khan.


Assistant Professor Forensic Medicine