Frequencies, sensitivity pattern and molecular characterization of bacterial isolates in blood in neonatal sepsis.


  • Saeeda Nabat ul Hassan Sahara Medical College.
  • Ghulam Asghar Bhutta Sahara Medical College Narowal.
  • Khushbu Farva Sahara Medical College.



Antibiotic Resistance, Antibiotic Sensitivity, Gram Positive Bacteria, Gram Negative Bacteria, Neonatal Sepsis


Objective: To determine frequency, molecular characterization and sensitivity of bacterial isolates against commonly used antibiotics in neonatal sepsis. Study Design: Cross Sectional study. Setting: Department of Pathology Sahara Medical College Narowal. Period: October 2019 to March 2020. Material & Methods: Neonates admitted in neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) of study institution having signs and symptoms of neonatal symptoms such as fever, irritability, seizures, anorexia and lethargy, were included in the study using consecutive sampling technique. Blood sample from all study patients taken and sent for culture to determine bacterial isolates and antibiotic sensitivity against commonly used antibiotics for neonatal sepsis. Bacterial isolates identification was done using standard bacteriological technique performed by modified Kirby & Bauer disc diffuse method as per Clinical and Laboratory standards institute (CLSI) guidelines. Results: Total 200 cases were studied having neonatal sepsis and admitted in NICU including 58% female and 42% male children. Bacterial growth occurred in 10.5% samples and in 89.5% samples no bacterial growth seen. There were 1% samples with gram positive and 9.5% samples with gram negative bacterial isolates. Klebsiella was the commonest organism isolated in 38.1% cases out of total positive isolates. There were 72.5% neonates having age 1-14 days and 27.5% neonates having age 15-28 days. Conclusion: Gram negative bacteria are common cause of neonatal sepsis, out of which Klebsiella is the commonest organism. Antimicrobial drug resistance in different infections is a serious emerging issue.

Author Biographies

Saeeda Nabat ul Hassan, Sahara Medical College.

MBBS, M.Phil (Microbiology)

Assistant Professor Pathology


Ghulam Asghar Bhutta, Sahara Medical College Narowal.

MBBS, M.Phil (Microbilogy)

Demonstrator Pathology

Khushbu Farva, Sahara Medical College.

M.Phil (Microbiology)

Assistant Professor Pathology