Comparison of early appendectomy versus conservative management for appendicular lump at Tertiary Care Hospital.

  • Zulfiqar Ali Imtiaz Memon PUMHSW Nawabsha.
  • Mashooque Ali Khowaja PUMHSW Nawabshah.
  • Inayat Ali Zardari PUMHSW Nawabshah.
  • Altaf Hussain Ghumro PUMHS Nawabshah.
  • Farkhanda Jabeen Dahri PUMHSW Nawabshah.
  • Imtiaz Ali Soomro PUMHSW Nawabshsh.
Keywords: Appendicular Lump, Appendectomy, Cecal Fistula, Right Hemicolectomy


Objectives: The purpose is to compare two options of management of appendicular lump in order to sort out the better one for the benefit and betterment of populace. Study Design: Cross Sectional study. Setting: Peoples Medical College Hospital Nawabshah. Period: 2016 August to August 2018. Material & Methods: Total 50 patients of appendicular lump were included in this research. All patients were divided into 2 groups. Group 1 included those patients undergoing emergency appendectomy. They were admitted, optimized and the required treatment was initiated. Results: Of total 50, 30(60%) were male and 20(40%) were females. Age was between 14 to 51 years. All patients presented with different clinical presentations. Pain in RIF was in 42(84%) patients whereas 47(94%) patients presented with lump in RIF. 20(40%) patients were operated for appendectomy in emergency and 5(10%) patients for right hemi-colectomy. Histopathological diagnosis was inflammation in 24(48%) patients and 1(2%) resulted in cecal tumor. Infected wound was found in 15 (30%) patients, hematoma in 3 (6%), wound dehiscence in 1(2%) and also cecal fistula in 1 (2%). Conclusion: Conservative treatment is better option to treat appendicular lump with least negative results.

Author Biographies

Zulfiqar Ali Imtiaz Memon, PUMHSW Nawabsha.


Assistant Professor Surgical Unit 3

Mashooque Ali Khowaja, PUMHSW Nawabshah.


Associate Professor Surgical Unit 3

Inayat Ali Zardari, PUMHSW Nawabshah.


Assistant Professor Surgery

Altaf Hussain Ghumro, PUMHS Nawabshah.


Senior Registrar Surgical Unit 3

Farkhanda Jabeen Dahri, PUMHSW Nawabshah.


Professor and Head Surgery

Imtiaz Ali Soomro, PUMHSW Nawabshsh.


Senior Registrar Surgical Unit 2