Accuracy of FAST (Focused Abdominal Sonography in Trauma) scan in diagnosis of significant abdominal trauma using CT abdomen as gold standard.

  • Hina Hanif Rawalpindi Medical University, Rawalpindi.
  • Tahira Bibi
  • Riffat Raja Holy Family Hospital, Rawalpindi.
  • Sara Malik Holy Family Hospital, Rawalpindi.
Keywords: Abdomen, Correspondingly, FAST Scan, Gold Standard, Radiology, Sensitivity, Transverse


Objectives: The aim of this research work is to find out the precision of FAST scan in detection of the significant abdominal trauma with the utilization of the CT abdomen considering it as a gold standard. Study Design: Cross Sectional study. Setting: Department of Radiology and Department of Emergency in Holy Family Hospital, Rawalpindi. Period: Six months from March, 2019 to September 2019. Material & Methods: Total 120 patients of both genders having age from 16 to 65 years who were presented in the Department of Trauma emergency. Both were the participants of this research work. We carried out CT of abdomen and FAST scan for every patient. We also calculated the sensitivity, PPV, NPV, specificity and overall accuracy rate of the FAST scan. Results: There were 80.80% (n: 97) male patients and 19.20% (n: 23) patients were females. We found 28.30% (n: 34) patients as positive in FAST scan and 22.50% (n: 27) patients as positive on CT of abdomen. FAST scan’s accuracy, NPV, PPV, sensitivity and specificity were present as 84.20%, 93%, 61.80%, 77.8% and 86% respectively. Conclusion: FAST scan permits the identification of the free fluid gathered in various regions of the abdomen cavity because of the BAT with high rate of sensitivity, PPV, NPV and specificity.

Author Biographies

Hina Hanif, Rawalpindi Medical University, Rawalpindi.


Assistant Professor Radiology

Tahira Bibi


Riffat Raja, Holy Family Hospital, Rawalpindi.


Senior Registrar Radiology

Sara Malik, Holy Family Hospital, Rawalpindi.


PGR Surgery