Impact of Hemodialysis on patient’s livelihood in Faisalabad Punjab Pakistan.

  • Muhammad Nafees Ali Zaib Foundation Faisalabad.
  • Zahira Batool GCUF.
  • Aqib Rehman Naila Medical Center Faisalabad.
  • M. Rizwan Ashraf Just One Enterprises Faisalabad.
  • Habib Aslam Gaba Khadija Memorial Hospital, Faisalabad.
Keywords: End Stage Renal Disease, Hemodialysis, Livelihood


Hemodialysis adversely affects many dimensions of the patients. So this study was carried out to assess the impact of hemodialysis on livelihood of the patients. Objectives: To study the socio-economic characteristics of Hemodialysis (HD) dependent patients, to explore the impact of hemodialysis on the livelihood of the patients, and to suggest some suitable policy measures. Study Design: Cross sectional study. Setting: At Dialysis Center of DHQ Hospital Faisalabad, Punjab, Pakistan. Period: May 2018 November 2018. Material & Methods: Multistage sampling technique was used, at 1st step a public sector dialysis center was selected through simple random sampling and then 109 adult patients were conveniently selected and interviewed through self-designed interview schedule. Data analysis and interpretation was executed using (SPSS version 24). Multiple linear regression was applied to study the relevant significance of predicting variables and to check the impact of different variables on respondent’s livelihood (response variable). Conclusion: It was found that due to rigorous schedule of HD most of the respondents were unable to perform their economic, social and religious activities; also they were depending on their caregivers for their routine activities. Resultantly, lower SES (socio-economic) has a negative effect on health in patients with undergoing dialysis involving fewer personal resources and lower levels of social support to deal with stress imposed by HD. Hence HD was negatively affecting their livelihood, so there is dire need to address these problems of HD dependent segment.

Author Biographies

Muhammad Nafees, Ali Zaib Foundation Faisalabad.

Ph.D Scholar


Zahira Batool, GCUF.

Post Doc.
Professor/Head of Sociology


Aqib Rehman, Naila Medical Center Faisalabad.


Medical Officer


M. Rizwan Ashraf, Just One Enterprises Faisalabad.

Ph.D Scholar


Habib Aslam Gaba, Khadija Memorial Hospital, Faisalabad.

Diploma Cardiology (London), FACC (USA)


Department of Cardiologist