• Ashba Anwer Islam Medical College, Sialkot
  • Uzma Asif Islam Medical College, Sialkot
  • Muhammad Asif Bhalli Islam Medical College, Sialkot
  • Midhat Asif



Gestational diabetes, Multigravida, Screening for GDM, Risk of GDM


Objectives: To find the frequency of gestational diabetes in pregnant women
using 50 grams glucose challenge test. Study design: a descriptive study. Place and duration:
Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Lady Atchison Hospital, Lahore from August 2012
to August 2013. Methodology: Through non-probability convenient sampling, 200 pregnant
women between 24-28 weeks of gestation were studied. All known diabetic patients were
excluded from the study. Pulse, BP, weight and height were recorded and Body Mass Index was
calculated. Physical and antenatal examination were done. Patients were given 50 gm glucose
dissolved in 200 ml of water without any dietary preparation. Glucose levels were measured
in venous plasma after one hour according to American Diabetic Association protocol. Blood
glucose level more than 140mg/dl was diagnosed as screened positive and less than 140mg/
dl screened negative. The data analysis was analysed by SPSS 20. Results: Out of total 200
women studied, 28 (14%) had abnormal screening test while 172 (86%) had normal test. History
of obstetric complications was noted in 10 (5%) women. PIH was noted in 19 (19.5%) and
past history of GDM was present in 14 (8.13%). Mean age of patients screened positive was
25.03 ± 2.9 years. Gestational age of positive group ranged between 19 to 32 weeks. Mean
gestational age was 26.17+3.37 weeks. Among screened positive women, 7 (25%) women
were primigravida while 21 (75%) women were multigravida. Conclusion: Significant risk
factor associated with GDM include family history of DM, maternal obesity, previous history of
obstetric complications. Failure to recognize and treat the GDM results in maternal and fetal
morbidity and mortality.

Author Biographies

Ashba Anwer, Islam Medical College, Sialkot

Assistant Professor,
Obstetrics and Gynecology

Uzma Asif, Islam Medical College, Sialkot

Associate Professor,
Obstetrics and Gynecology

Muhammad Asif Bhalli, Islam Medical College, Sialkot

Professor of Medicine

Midhat Asif

3rd year MBBS
CMH Lahore Medical College,