Trends of prescribing antibiotics in various dental diseases at different private clinical setups of Sialkot, Pakistan.

  • Danish Javed Islam Dental College Sialkot.
  • Sana Zafar Islam Dental College, Sialkot
  • Shakeel Ahmad Islam Dental College Sialkot.
  • Khurram Anwar Isra Medical and Dental College
  • Mudassar Iqbal Arain University of Sindh, Jamshoro.
  • Saira Shahnaz Ziauddin University, Karachi.
Keywords: Orofacial Infections, Prophylactic, Odontogenic Infections


Objectives: Antibiotics widely used now a day in dental practice for treatment of acute odontogenic, non-odontogenic infections and as a prophylactic purpose for focal infections in patients at possibility for infective endocarditis development as well as prevention of surgical infection of wound and controlling of orofacial infections. Studies of prescribing trends provide information about the quality & pattern of use causes of drug use, and their outcomes. The main objective of this study was to assist trends and the rational utilization of antibiotics in dental practice. Study Design: Descriptive study. Settings: The current study was conducted among the different private dental clinical settings of Sialkot. Period: Eight months study (Jan-Aug 2018). Material and Methods: Sample size was 700 prescriptions which were gathered during. A purposive sampling was used for collection of prescription. A proforma was used for recording all required demographic & prescribing data was designed to collect all information associated to antibiotic prescribing trend. The data was collected, compiled, & analysed on MS Excel and descriptive statistics was used for analysing the result of the study. Results: A total of 700 prescriptions were collected from various Dental clinics. Among the study, 58.7% patients were male and 41.3 % females and more frequent age group was 51-68 (37%). Mostly patients have pervious medication history (38.8%) and most common diagnosis was periodontal abscess (16.6%) observed during our study followed by pulpitis (15.9%). The trend observed was that majority 35.3% would prescribe antibiotics for patients who presented with elevated body temperature. Commonly 5 drugs per prescription prescribed (26.7%) least numbers of drugs prescribed per prescription is 2(5.9%). Total 3445 drugs were prescribed in 700 prescriptions. Analgesics are frequently prescribed drug category (22.3%) followed by antibiotics (21.8%) Amoxicillin and clavulanic acid was mostly used (31.9%) in these dental centres. Conclusion: This study show that most prevalent dental disease for which doctors prescribed antibacterial was periapical or periodontal abscess and Amoxicillin and clavulanic acid used as a 1st choice for oral infections.

Author Biographies

Danish Javed, Islam Dental College Sialkot.

BDS, MSc Oral Pathology

Assistant Professor

Department of Oral Pathology


Sana Zafar, Islam Dental College, Sialkot

BDS, MSc Oral Biology

Associate Professor and HOD

Department of Oral Biology


Shakeel Ahmad, Islam Dental College Sialkot.


Assistant Professor

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery


Khurram Anwar, Isra Medical and Dental College


Assistant Professor


Mudassar Iqbal Arain, University of Sindh, Jamshoro.

Pharm.D, Ph.D

Assistant Professor

Faculty of Pharmacy

Saira Shahnaz, Ziauddin University, Karachi.

Pharm.D, M.Phil


Faculty of Pharmacy