• Tajammal Abbas Shah Taibah University, Al-Madina Al Munawara, KSA



Road traffic accidents, Head injury, Skeletal injury, Blunt trauma abdomen, Multiple organ injury, Morbidity and mortality


To see the percentage, the different groups affected and pattern of injury by road
traffic accidents among patients attending a unit of surgery in a teaching hospital. Objectives: To
see the percentage of trauma among patients admitted in one surgical unit of a tertiary hospital
in one year and to compare this with the patients admitted in all surgical units of same tertiary
unit. To evaluate the pattern of trauma, male to female ratio, affected age groups, mechanism
of injury, the organs affected, and the mortality rate in one surgical unit of a tertiary hospital of
3rd most populated city of Pakistan during one year. Study Design: Prospective study. Setting:
Surgical Unit II at Allied Hospital Faisalabad. Period: January 2009 to February 2010. Materials
and Methods: Patients admitted during this period for road traffic accidents in surgical unit II
of Allied Hospital Faisalabad were 94 (4.8 %) out of total 1956 patients presented and admitted
in surgical unit II during this year. Total number of patients admitted in all surgical units of this
hospital were 7388 while 21,400, patients received and admitted by all other specialties through
emergency units of Allied Hospital Faisalabad. Patients with road traffic accidents admitted in
surgical unit II through emergency unit of this hospital were part of this study. Among these
94 patients 78 patients (82.97%) were adults and 18 children (19.14%). Patients with all other
emergencies modalities and minor injuries treated and discharged from emergency were
excluded from this study. Results: Out of 1956 patients admitted in Surgical Unit II from total 7388
of all surgical admissions and 21400 all emergencies ward patients, 94 patients (4.8%, 1.27%,
and 0.439% respectively) were injured by road traffic accidents. Out of these 94 patients, 78
patients (82.97%) were adults and 18 children (19.14%) patients. 58 patients (61.70%) were males
and 36 patients (38.29%) were females. 43 patients (45.74%) were pedestrians, 10 patients were
(10.63%) on bicycles, 26 patients were (27.65%) on motorcycle while 15 patients (15.95%) were
in other vehicles. 52 patients (55.31%) developed head injuries, 10 patients (10.93%) blunt trauma
abdomen, 5 patients (5.31%) blunt trauma chest and 26 patients (27.65%) skeletal injuries ( 10
patients forearm bones fracture, 6 patients with fracture mid-shaft of tibia, another 5 patients with
fracture lower 1/3rd of femur and 5 patients with hand bones fracture ). All patients were treated by
combined specialty trauma surgeons. 3 patients (3.19%) died out of which 2 patients (2.12%) with
severe head trauma and one pedestrian (1.06%) with blunt trauma abdomen and lower chest. All
other patients survived and recovered with some morbidity. Conclusion: Road traffic trauma is
one of major dilemma of our society. 94 road traffic accidents causalities were admitted during
one year in one surgical unit of a tertiary care center and 3 patients died. It is an alarming sign
to properly protect people, educate general population, employ dedicated road safety staff and
follow rules and regulation of traffic authorities.

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Tajammal Abbas Shah, Taibah University, Al-Madina Al Munawara, KSA

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